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How to Get to the Moon and Collect Stars in Minion Rush : Despicable Me

Despicable Me : Minion Rush one of the best games in Android and iOS playstore. It is also huge popular among the users. People who played Temple Run 2 or Subway Surfers will understand the game much better. It is basically a Minion version of these two games. But this game is absolutely unique and new features that differentiates it with them. 

You will have to run, slide, dodge and jump consciencely to pick bananas. And using bananas, you will be able to buy various power ups and costumes. In reality, bananas are the money or currrencies that can be used to buy tools in the game. And these tools help you completing the missions. You will be glad to know that, the moon we are talking about is also a power up.    


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However, collecting stars is fun! To do so you need to get a power up called the Moon. 

How to get to the Moon in Minion Rush

Following a few steps, you will be able to learn to get in the moon! 
1. Install and Open Minion Rush Game on your Android or iOS device. If you don’t how to install, please visit here to learn.

2. Play and collect enough bananas. To get to the moon, you have to buy a power up. And for this, you need to collect and stock 2,250 bananas. Replay the completed stage more and more to pick more bananas.

3. When you have enough bananas, go to the Shop from the menu. Then click on 'Upgrades' and move to bottom of the list. 

4. There you will find the moon power up which will help you score fast and help to get to the Moon. And ultimately give you privilege to collect the stars! Be careful, it will cost you 2250 bananas. 

5. After that go to the menu and start playing usually. This time, you will see the moon in front of you while running after a certain period is finished. You have to move, tilt or dodge the Minion to touch the moon when it is appeared. And after it, you will get to the Moon!

How to Collect Stars in Despicable Me : Minion Rush 2  

You have to follow all the steps discussed in the section above. And when you are in the Moon, you will get the opportunity to collect Blue Stars.  But be careful, you will have a very short time to collect stars. Try to collect as many as you can in this little period. And always avoid the red meteor. If you touch it, your score and speed will be reduced rapidly. And also you can increase the time on the Moon by upgrading the power up in the shop.

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